Pencil you in.

Mom Tip for today: When creating your ‘To Do’s’. Schedule in some time for you. just as we have a time blocked out for work, home, kids, grocery shopping etc, you should have time blocked out for you? How about scheduling in a SPA day once a month. And if you’re checking your pockets, this is why we have GROUPON. Come on, us mommies need it often, heck anyone that works a ton in all areas of their life need it. I NEEDSSSS IT, and I PENCILED ME IN. How about you!? #spa #metime #mefirst #monthlymaintenance #pamper #notetoself #mom #author #momlife #mompreneur #howisinglemomit

When you learn a thing or 2 from your kid (Fossil Fuels)

A message brought to you by CT. ~> He was sharing why we should use solar panels with his uncle Noni. I wasn’t paying attention and he repeated himself. I kid you not, I learn a lot from this kid and the things he learns at school. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. (He says we have to take care of our earth) #fossilfuels #solarpanel #earthscience #elementary #mykid #proudmom #singlemom #motherhood #votd

Ego Check ✔️

Your ego can get in the way of a lot of meaningful relationships, and purposeful things in your life.

I say this, because it’s coming from me as a student. Being in this season, as I now call it, “constant correction”. I realized that I have allowed my EGO to get in the way of listening. Listening to what can help change me, help me grow as an individual and even forgiveness. While I have changed, control is a major part of who I am. I mean, I am my mother and my fathers daughter. We all get our ways from somewhere right? Through the years, I have allowed ego to slowly, fade. Yes, slowly. But as I have gained a new found eagerness to strengthen my relationship with God, I’ve noticed the mistakes and errors that I have made, of which has caused some failed relationships.

It wasn’t until recently that I have learned that wow just, do you even pay attention to yourself or the things that you say , and how you respond to things. And this is by no means, putting myself down, or backing down from who I truly am to appease others. Oh no no no. It is having and allowing the power within me,(God) to shine forth and be able to receive. Of course we have to have a discerning spirit. But we can’t always lead with Ego. Ego will close your ears to advice you need to hear. Ego, will make it where friendships will begin to fade because that person is no longer able to speak to you. Ego will make you come off as you are one person, when you are really another, but you ego gets in the way to allow your loving self to shine through. Why, because they know you will not HEAR. Ego will make it where people will call you “a know it all”, because your word is the only word true, and everything else is well…….SHITS. Ego, will ego will make you grow old, alone.

Ego, is Edging God Out.

So please, Ego check… #ego #personaldevelopment #constantcorrection #growth #hear #open #receive #message #blogoftheday#momblogger #author #writer #lover #mother #singlemom