Table of contents

Reading the table of contents, takes me back to the nights, the late nights, I spent typing away at my laptop sharing my wounds, my mistakes, my hardships. I believe in my heart that many will be blessed by my truth. I believe that you will see how one can go through some things and still push through. Even in the midst of the storm. I don’t believe that God would have placed this in my heart to not do. I believe this book, these words, my tears, my joys, my fail forwards, were meant to encourage you. This book is not only for single mothers, but for single fathers as well. More like a guide on what not to do and also seeing the pain that us single mothers go through when you aren’t there. Perhaps the voice you couldn’t hear. The steps that I had to go through to bring this to fruition was a lot. At times I felt it was never ending. Everyone has a story, EVERYONE. And you will get to know a part of mine. #author #publishedauthor #cannonpublishing #nonfiction #mywords #authorsofinstagram #singlemom #bookrelease #sept22 #howisinglemomit

Book release date!! 9/22/17

This is the first of MANY BOOKS to come. And to say that I am PROUD of finally finishing something I started is major for me. I was a young girl that didn’t think this was possible. But with God all things JUST ARE! He led me to @carlarcannon of #cannonpublishing and helped make this dream become a reality! With that said! My baby is set to release on September 22, 2017! I declare and Believe that this book will bless you, encourage you, uplift you and most of all INSPIRE YOU!! #releasedate #author #publishedauthor #singlemom #blessings #mompreneur #sept22 #howisinglemomit