Helpful Tip – 7 Things Singles Ought to Know By: Bishop TD JAKES

This morning, I woke up wanting to change the way I think. After I say my usual “Thank you God”, I read a  couple of scriptures and go into prayer. I then go into my routine of preparing to get myself and kids ready. Then the usual thoughts creep in. I think about when I will get into a relationship, amongst other things. I know it sounds a bit lame, but it is true. Not so much so like in desperation, No, not at all. More so like a curiosity, and knowing that things will change soon. Well today I decided to not do that. And the reason why is, after I left work yesterday, I took the train to head to Brooklyn to my Abuela’s house. Instead of transferring to another train, I got off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the 4 train. I ended up walking the Brooklyn bridge photo below.

I went to clear my mind. My thoughts literally took me there. I got some clarity on some things. And the main thing that stood out was, “what you think about the most, expands”. Whether it be good or not so good, it expands, so I took a mental note to be extra careful with what I think about it. In the interim of changing my thoughts as I was so aware of doing so this morning, I thought to listen to a video a friend of mine sent me months ago made by (Bishp[ TD Jakes). It is called, “7 Things Singles Ought to know.” As I was listening, I realized that this is what I had listened to the beginning of the summer. This video is what helped me to work on loving me, taking myself out and learning to live a whole life as a single person among other amazing pointers.  It’s funny how we can quickly forget the tools we already have, but it is also a blessing to know that you can always go back to the drawing board. 

I have attached the link here below, check it out and I hope it blesses you like it did me. #singles #dating #lovethyself

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Bribing my kids Father….

I know you’re probably reading the title to this and wondering to yourself, what, Bribing? You had to bribe their father? And if you are still reading, yes it is true, and that is what I felt I had to do at one point. His absence was so overwhelming, I started blaming myself for him not being there. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I remember sending text messages, calling, asking HIM what do I need to do, or rather I will lower child support for you to be around. Or, what is your schedule, what works for you so that you can see them more. My boys need their father. Reading this as I type it, it is a bit saddening, pathetic, but this is my truth. I was willing to do what I thought was necessary for my kids father to be in their life. That obviously did not work, and we are now in the 5th year since breaking up / separating, and he is now wanting to see them every other weekend. This started because I just about given up on trying two and half years ago, and let my presence be known to them.


I said all of this to say, what you think about expands, be it negative or positive. Instead of being mad at the person, I changed my view on how I worked with him. I put my foot down more, I thank God for what I am able to do, rather than me complaining about what he isn’t doing. Not saying that I am happy go lucky about the situation, but it is better than how it was before. Stay Encouraged, this journey is a bit bumpy, but it does get better, it has its GLORIOUS DAYS AND ITS I LOVE EVERYTHING SBOUT MY LIFE DAYS! #singlemom #singleparent #parenting #bribing #encouragement #momblogger #nycblogger #mytruth

Keep Ya head Up.

Just because we don’t look like what we been through, or go through does not mean we are not human and we automatically get over it. I literally have to push myself on a daily to overcome all. Being the only parent, while attempting to maintain everything else in my life at a steady balance can be very difficult at times. It often angers me that their father does not have to go through half of the things that I endure daily because I chose to walk away from something that was not healthy for me or my children.

No matter what you are presently enduring, I encourage you to look at your track record, look at the things you can be grateful for, smile at them. Envision where you want to be, and cry it out as well. I pride myself in living a positive lifestyle, but not everyday is a sunny one. Today is a bit gloomy, it sucks, but its just today. Tomorrow I will be better. Push through mom, you are not a lone and you can get through this! #singlemom #howisinglemomit #momblogger #struggles #pain #parenting #singleparenting #momofboys

Unplug Mom, & Rejuvenate.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am only human. I speak for myself when I say, as a single mother, I've developed a habit of doing doing doing. Sometimes I keep going, forgetting that I have to stop. It's so much you can do in a day, but if not carefully prioritized, you will burn out. You won't work or do things at your best. Here I am unplugging for a few hours. Until my boys come home at least. Schedule in your down time, I' know I've said this before, but we have to remind ourselves of this. #rest #unplugged #dayoff #recharge #singlemom #clarity #kids #rejuvenate #howisinglemomit

Book Release September 17′

It hasn't fully HIT me yet. You know this milestone in my life. The very thing I didn't think I would be able to attain. Because my belief in me wasn't as strong as it should be. But what I will say, is that I am blessed to have God. He placed people in my life that at times saw what I didn't see, and challenged me, anyway. Until one day I had enough, I was tired of being sick and tired of the same thing year after year and I had to change the story. I had to make a choice. A story I had to make for myself and my children, and the legacy left behind after me. This life that we have, we have to make the most of it, the best way we know how, authentically and unapologetically. Some people will love what you do, some won't. But the important thing in all of this, is that you have to be yourself, and live your TRUTH. NO MATTER WHAT!! WITH THAT SAID. Book coming out September 2017. Walk with me, on my journey of my truth. #bookcomingsoon #singleparent #parenting #struggles #faith #tenacity #amazon #linkinbio #publishedauthor #momblogger #jasmineashbymoreno #howisinglemomit

My Mother –

So there is this woman. Her name is Patricia. She gave birth two a beautiful vibrant girl 35 years ago. Through the years there were understanding challenges between mother and daughter. As you know not all families are perfect. When I look at this photo, and hear stories of the different states I lived in with my mom, The bigger picture in it all, is that she wanted to give me a better life. And when my siblings came, she wanted to do that even more. Things didn't pan out the way she wanted them to. What she may not have been aware of, is that today, my mother, Patricia Moreno, Born in Buenventura, Colombia planted a seed called "Survival" in my little young mind. What she didn't know, is that as hard as it was, she made the worse days the best days, the best way she knew how. She carved that survival in me, a tool I didn't know I would have to use, when I became a single mother. This woman, is more than a #wcw, she is my mother, who I love very much. It's crazy, how at my age, I still know what my mother smells like. I love you Patty #mother #love #daughter #peace #happiness #growth #bookcomingsoon #singlemom

Dear Single Mom:

(CAUTION LONG POST)Dear Single Mom, you will cry your eyes out, you will question every decision you've made and blame yourself and other parties for all. You will have sleepless nights, you will question if things will ever change, you will question God. The word 'tired' will be in every sentence from the Time you wake up. You will be so consumed with heartache, and negativity, that No one will want to be around you. You will have created this bubble , this box, it will be so bad, you will think and believe that everytime it rains it pours and trials after trials will happen, becauSe you will believe that nothing good will happen for you.⭐️But then things will change. Your thoughts⭐️ will change, your actions will follow suit. You will begin to heal💖, you will begin to forgive🔥, you will beginto be so filled up with more of God and less of yourself, because, well you decided to MAKE THAT DECISION. The decision to LIVE again, the decision to not fail your children. The decision to FAIL Yourself. Then photos you share will no longer be false images. Your stride will be your truth, you will be so honest with yourself and others… You are not on the road to perfection, you will be on the road of LIFE. And your images will begin to change and all you will see is the happiness in your boys lives as you begin to RISE AGAIN. YOU LIVE AGAIN, And I say this to you. DON'T, EVER, GIVE, UP. YOU HEAR ME!!!!! Don't… #dearsinglemom #singlemom #onlyparent #raisingboys #momofboys #momlife #howisinglemomit #motherhood #healing