Why do we put our needs last?

Dear mom, if you are reading this, the title of this blog post caught your attention. The more I grow into motherhood, because it is never ending growth, the more You realize things about yourself. Being the only parent as I so repeatedly have shared with you on several occasions, has it’s breaking points. This weekend, thank God , my grandmother offered to watch the kids as I worked on my business. During that time I took the opportunity to also have some me time. During this time I went out with one of my girlfriends to play some pool and have a few drinks. That was Friday. Saturday came, i worked on my business and right after that I went home to get some rest. Or at least tried to. I remembered that I had errands to run, so rest was out of the question. I planned to sleep for four hours, but that ended up being 45 min after errands were completed. I went out with a “friend”, and after that I met with my girlfriends at a lounge in my local area. It felt good to do adult things. I am not taking away from the things I as a mother do, but even doing for me, the time to take care of me keeps getting pushed back. 🙄-Hence 4 hours of sleep down to 45 min.- As my me time began to come to a close. I found myself getting agitated. I pray and ask God for things , especially clarity, and here comes the big REAL. Here is what I wrote in text to one of my closest friends regarding me this afternoon.
-My role as a mother, It’s being pulled in many directions. In turn I push my needs to the back burner. When that happens, my body yearns for more but because I give myself the scrap at the end of the barrel I get annoyed aggravated. 
That came from me attempting to figure out where my emotions were coming from. 
The bottom line was, I rushed everything, j didn’t plan anything, I didn’t pay attention to my needs. This evening before going to bed, no matter what I do. I MUST CREATE MY TO DO LIST FOR THE NEXT DAY. I will put it on my wall and also carry it with me to cross things out. In turn making sure I take care of me just as much as do everything else. Let’s stop that mommies. Yes having adult time and spending time with your girlfriends and dating is a must. But what does your soul need. What does your body need? Whatever it is. Go do that. 

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I’m not a perfect Mom 

This morning I snoozed my alarm. I was suppose to wake up at 5:30am, but my body ached from my previous daily activities and I have slight jet lag from my birthday trip to Greece. (7 hours ahead). I ended up waking up at 6:15am. 45 min past my time set. The rest was well needed, but my time, miscalculated. I told myself and God during prayer, that I would leave the house by 7:00am. I proceeded to get ready. Thank God our clothes were out and their lunch was made the night before. So I shouldn’t have a problem right? Wrong. My youngest hadn’t eaten his cereal and now I had 15min left. I woke them up with love, but instead was frustrated at his lack of enthusiasm to get things done. I yelled at him for not eating his cereal. But I really yelling at myself. He finally ate the cereal, but now didn’t want to get dressed. As I rushed to put on my makeup, I turned around and he just stood there holding his shoe. I got frustrated again. But stopped myself to realize that it was all of my fault. Here I was upset that my little one didn’t want to move, but the reality is. I didn’t get up in time. You may be reading this and saying well your tired from doing this single mom thing, it’s ok. Yes It does, but it’s not his fault. I’m sharing this with you because we often times get upset at others for something we should be mad at within ourselves. I’m not perfect. I don’t perceive myself to. I get tired sometimes and I need my me time. This week was just and off week. And that’s ok. We have that sometimes. As we were leaving the house at 7:30am, I ordered an uber to drop the boys off to school. In the car youngest sat next to me. I held my hand. In that moment for me, it was the unspoken apology. Then I reached over and grabbed my eldest hand. And we rode like this to school. I thanked God. I started my day with love and we proceeded with it. It’s ok, we all aren’t perfect. #notperfect #momlife #singlemotherhood #mornings #love #howisinglemomit

Life & Times….

Life and times of my boys and I. I am beyond blessed with what has happened, what is happening and what will Happen. God is the anchor of my life. He is my go to for all. Looking at my photos of my boys and I, and evalutating my journey, all I can do is smile. Yes there were hard times, but the Good times are even greater. Looking forward to the day I hold my book in my hand and tell my boys, “Look mommy wrote this, and it’s going to help a lot of mothers like me around the world Globally”..wow Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! #blessed #grateful #bookcomingsoon 

Why I wrote ‘How I Single Mom it’ on Periscope!

Why I wrote “How I Single Mom It” >>> ..


I wanted to right a book back when I was 17/18yrs old. I learned that through struggles comes victory, but never would I have imagined that I would be a single mom. One of my many purposes was this. To help other single mothers than can relate to my story, by encouraging them to push through. It’s so much deeper than this and it is truly JUST THE BEGINNING.✨✨ #bookcomingsoon