A little bit of Transparency…

Allow me to be transparent. This photo right here may not mean much to you all, but it means much to me. Getting a little emotional as I write these words of which seemed to be never ending. The things I’ve have had to endure to make sure that they don’t see the tears I’ve cried, or heavy thoughts I have had, to somehow come up with a better solution to make our lives better. When I took this photo, We were living in another state. I was alone, and falling into depression. I was stressed all of the time, and I cried almost every other day. The only thing that kept me was my faith and the strength to push through so that I could be ok for them. I never thought I would be here…I never thought that my purpose would be birthed from my pain. I never thought…. #bookcomingsoon #selfpublished #mylife #singlemom #newblogpost #howisinglemomit

Holding Onto Faith

Mood:……….Thanking God through this anger, pain, frustration. I am human, but I am learning also. I believe, and claim victory also. For every mother that has ever questioned their actions in the Good of their children. Don’t. I am dealing with a situation most Single Mothers go through when they don’t have the other party (their father) complying. Dealing with this process, especially gets tiring after 5 years. But guess what. VICTORY IS MINE SAYS THE LORD!!!You are doing all that you can do. Don’t waver! You weren’t built that way! #faith #Godswill #timing #prayer #howisinglemomit #singlemomt #court

How to keep Yourself and Kids on a Schedule….

Oh shucks now, it’s about to get real. This Sunday I will be LIVE on periscope to share with you how I keep myself and my boys on a schedule. This is something that I know all mothers struggle with, especially when you are a single mom at that. So come join me this Sunday and gain some insight on how I do it. It’s not easy, but it sure is worth it. I look forward to chatting with you all! #periscope #parenting #singlemom #author #live #momlife #howisinglemomit