Growth & Me

This photo was taken a year ago while I lived in Beaumont Tx. Sitting back reflecting on how I made the choice to do something then, and God had other plans is always amazing to me. Looking back on things I wrote back then, and how different things are today, I notice how badly that time in my life HAD to happen. 

Today, I strive on being a better version of who I was yesterday. There are times I silence myself to do more. Because let’s face it, we all have that time where we just TALK SO MUCH, and DO SO LITTLE. 

Especially when you realize that you are in the second quarter of the year already. I notice how the older I get, the more I DON’T TOLERATE. I don’t tolerate people, things or situations. I am known to be the most understanding, but even THAT gets played out. People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. Life is about GROWTH! And if you aren’t growing , you will simply stay the same. #change #growth #insight #evolve #inspiration

I wanted to encourage You today 

A daily reminder that you must do things one at time and at your own pace. We are not robots we are human and we wear many hats. Don’t feel bad for what you didn’t do, pick up where you left off and don’t give up. #youarenotalone #parenting #momlife #singlemom #dailyreminder #pushthrough #howisinglemomit

Pray for your children’s void !

To My Single Mothers!!! Listen, LISTEN LINDA!!! Let me tell you something. You cannot or should not beg anyone to be in your life or your child(ren)s life. I know it hurts, TRUST ME I DO. But let’s pray and ask God to put people in your life and your children’s life that will add value. My boys learn a lot from their uncles. Some things I cannot teach them. But I started to pray about it rather than cry about. Don’t lose faith. And sometimes those prayers are answered for them not to be there. Some people are just incompetent. #prayers #faith #ButGod #Godsplan #singlemom #howisinglemomit
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Stay Focused 

This past week / Holy Week, God has been doing so many things in me. Things I didn’t think would be happening , because deep down I have this made up notion in my head, that some things have to happen in Perfection. this morning, I woke up late, I had a bad headeache, my body hurt, I didn’t get to clean the home like I wanted to this weekend. my body needed rest. I became overwhelmed by looking at the mess. the kids were arguing and complaining all morning, I battled with going to church and not going to church. but I said God, I’m going to push through this morning. It’s #resurrectionsunday and I MUST go. And I did So many beautiful things happened today, that followed up with what transpired this week. I give all Glory To God. Today’s message in our sermon was to #stayfocused and that’s exactly what I will do. Thank you Jesus #wonthedoit #Jesus #heisrisen #sunday #sermon #howisinglemomit #motherhood #singlemom


That thing , those things that you said you were going to do this year!!! Go do it! Stop waiting, there is never a right time. Stop stressing, WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Stop putting extra pressure on yourself like that’s going to help! JUST STOP! Stop right now, have a seat, take out a piece of paper and right down the next steps to handle the first DO. Pat yourself on the back after you’ve crossed out that list and GO HANDLE THE NEXT! Stop sharing EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE TOO!!! Get it done, cut the crap and lets go!! There are people that need your help, your testimony, your voice to move!!! GO‼️#letsgo #purpose #noexcuses #getitdone #now #goals #howisinglemomit #momlife #motherhood #growth

Come up for some air….

Lately I’ve been so consumed with work, kids, business’ etc, that I forgot to enjoy myself. Make sure to take a breather from your goals, you know, just come up for some air is all. With that said, In convo, my soul sista brought up this Jazz Artist that we like, and said he’d be at the Apollo Cafe that Saturday. Not only did we enjoy the live music, we also got to take a photo with him. The rest of the night was also LIVE and definitely needed. “Speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said”. ~Unknown #jazz #nycliving #apollocafe #momsnightout #momlife #theocroker #howisinglemomit

Who said?? 

Who said you had to be in a certain place in your life at this age? Who made it so, where does it say? A minister was telling me this back un TEXAS almost a year ago (I appreciate that talk) when I had a break down of the “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOINGS?” We all have that moment. We question are motives in our own lives. We have this pity party. We go in on ourselves belittling the accomplishments we have done thus far because, well believe it or not, we compare. We compare our success to others because we are in the same age group. We also compare because society says. Well I am here to tell you, to give you a reminder that hey, you are where you are suppose to be in this present moment. If you knew what you are suppose to know for the future you, you wouldn’t be here you would be there. (Hope that caught someone)
If you feel that there is something you want to do, but aren’t making the necessary action steps to what you want, then yes, question yourself. But you cannot speed the process. You have to walk through it, at your pace and on your journey. No one else’s! #journey #process #Godstiming #godsplan #howisinglemomit #Godsaid

You Are…..

Don’t second guess your parenting skills, if they are NOT missing out because their father decided to walk away from them. The father is missing out, and your child was better off. Now DO NOT GET ME WRONG, every child needs both parents, But trust God and what he was doing.. And the doing is showing you that you are capable, and the other wasn’t. Listen, You are amazing because you are THERE, you are amazing because the love you give them is genuine, and not with convenience. You are amazing because you have made them a priority, You are amazing because you chose to do LIFE with them. You are amazing for all these amazing things because that is who you are. Yea it may not be easy at times, yea you may not have the patience at times, yea you may get angry at the other at times, but accept them for who they are, and thank God for you are. What you are, is someone that did not give up on your kids. You are willing and able to do all things no matter what!!! So stay STRONG QUEEN! STAY STRONG!!! #youareamazing #strong #queen #singlemom #parenting #priorities #howisinglemomit