Get you a Village!

While I am at work, one of my sistrens @moebetter_blues is having “God brother” time at the library. While I do my best with outings on down time, they still do other activities with their extended family. I shared this to say, Mom’s get you a village, because this is the definition of it! #momlife #villagefamily #love #family 

Pray – Faith – Belief 

Prayer – Faith – Belief , will seriously get you through troubles. It’s not easy, but if you believe that God is sitting in front of you feeling where your pain is coming from and hearing you, he will grant you peace that surpasses understanding. #tgif #livelife #happiness #peace #howisinglemomit

Time Managment isn’t So Managed

Monday’s are one of my top favorite days of the week. This Monday I woke up at 5am (attempting to implement new schedule) I cleaned cooked, put everyone’s food away and even took kids clothes out for their shower. (Ready and prepared for them when under the care of my friend / sitter) (Something just hit me about temporary as I was riding this – I’ll Go back to it) anyway, this is what I made for dinner. I also took some to work. I was proud of myself, proud that I was kicking time managements butt. And then Tuesday came. (HA HA HA) I woke up at 6:30(THATS WAY OFF) why did I HAVVVE to watch two episodes of “This is Us” , but then again I wanted to cry. I wanted to let some things out. That’s neither here nor there, well sort of but not really. Time management isn’t always Managed. #timemanagment #time #mom #onlyparent #cook #healthyeating #rest #momlife #howisinglemomit