I am MOM!!!



I’ am not taking the way the power of God from this text. What I am saying is, and this is to all of the mothers I know. We, at the drop of a dime will do any and everything for our children. If we can take away their fever we would. If we could take away the pain they feel from a fall, a mistreat of a friend or even sibling we would. I speak for myself when I say, being the only parent to my babies! I RIDE FOR THEM! No if’s and’s or buts about it!! I don’t make excuses, nor do I fall short in what I do with and for them. I don’t let anyone disrespect them, talk down to them or even show them inconsistency. They are worth all the greatness I can encounter and give them in this world.

As a human being, I have at times question my ability, but that’s because I paused to think about it. But then God gives me grace. He allows me to have flashbacks of how things use to be of which are no more. When I look back. The tears I shed I powered by strength and the pain endured is motivation. When I look back on some thangs , I mean WHEN I LOOK BACK ON SOME THANGS , the pain subsides, The lioness comes out!! And nothing seems to be impossible. #hearmeroar #transformationtuesday #mom #iam #lioness 

My Village

As the only parent raising my boys all things required of me. I am Not complaining, just relating. This week they are on winter break. During this time I have to make sure I have someone reliable to watch the kiddies. I have an amazing village behind me with the raising of my boys. I have their God Aunt, my abuela, brother, and my cousin that do what they can. Years ago, I use to cry about it. I use to say “it isn’t fair, why does he get to live life the way he wants and I have to (struggle).” Of course as I got stronger, wiser and accepting of the life I chose, things began to become a lot easier to manage. >This is a quick vid of me waiting to take the train from one borough to the other. Thank God I have the privilege to leave my boys with my grandmother for a few days to care for them while I do what I must to provide for my family. Tired and all, No matter what, things must get done, by any means necessary. #parenting #mom #provider #endurance #howisinglemomit​​

Popcorn fein 

Let me tell y’all a little story about My little one. So, I have this LOVE , this weird LOVE for popcorn. And well my kids had a snack sale at their school on Wednesday. I gave them each some money to purchase something. My little one comes home with the popcorn. And I’m like 😀yes, popcorn. I just got home from work, I hadn’t eaten yet, so I was famished, like for real. 😭I ask him for some, I genuinely asked him. And he said NO. He said it the same way I say it. (Rolls eyes hard) What! No popcorn. Boy you better give me some popcorn. My money bought it. Nope. In comes my older one defending his brother and says, “no mom, that was given to him in his class he didn’t pay for it, his teacher has their own popcorn machine” lmao, ever get stuck when your child checks you?Welp I didn’t stop (I can be annoying) come on, please let mommy have some stop being like that. I finally get a handful and fed my crave for it….later they went to bed and I had some more. Apparently He was not happy with me eating it. He saw that the back looked less than before. So he “hid it in the freezer” , in tears🤣🤣😭 #momlife #wheredotheygetthisfrom #amithatbad #ohjesus #humor #momhumor 

How I won last nights bedtime wars!

Parents be ahead of your kids. If you know they will do the same thing to you every night like clockwork, in regards to giving you a hard time with bedtime, Be one step ahead of them. >>Every night my boys do the same exact thing to me for as long as I can remember. There are days I practice what I preach and there are days that I don’t because I’m not thinking lol. (I’m working on that) Attempt to not get upset, don’t yell, don’t spank them, as matter of fact, SAY NOTHING. Your children know what buttons to push. ..



I ignored my kids last night, before telling my oldest he could not get his usual Friday luxury of playing with his Nabi (kid tablet) after school because of a prior issue, I went in the room and gave them a look. (You know that look, the look that says it all.) I then went to living room to finish what I was doing and hadn’t notice that they fell asleep minutes later. “Try it, you’ll like it.” .

How do you win bedtime wars?



Yo gabba theme song) #bedtimewars #monlife101 #footdown #silence #momsbelike




Photo credit: http://www.theidearoom.net/bedtime-routines-for-kids/

Stop Comparing yourself!

You were born differentYou speak different

You walk different

Be different

You gave birth differently

You mother differently

You parent differently

You’re made differently

You breath different

You love different

You want different

You teach different

You are different…..And be in Love with that.


I know and understand that comparison can take your mind places. I urge you to take this moment and just be grateful for you. If there are things that you want in life, start to take the necessary steps in getting them. From losing weight, from purchasing your home, or even saving. Whatever it is, make it happen. Don’t compare, don’t water down who you are because who others are… you truly do not know their testimony. And if you think you do, you truly don’t…people just deal with it differently- by LIVING. #different #livelifelove #appreciate #life #howisinglemomit