Prayer & Meditation

The best part of waking up is prayer and meditation with lemon water in my cup. (I was trying to go with the Folgers jingle) did it work? No, ok. Anyway back to why i am Sharing this image. I took this image over a year and a half ago. This was when my boys and i lived in Beaumont, TX. This was the quietest my life has ever been. During that time in my life my circumstances forced me to seek God more than ever before. During this time he became my confidant, my ear to listen to, the time to just release. I spoke to him like I would one of my girlfriends’. Now fast forward to today, prayer and meditation is what helps me get through the day. If I rush in the morning, and don’t stop to give him his time, my mind is out of wack. It’s like I do not have a clear sense of direction, or a sense of peace rather. I originally took that photo because I thought the sunlight was just beautiful, but that position is how I am most mornings. Thanking Him, praising him, and learning to sit in silence in a city where there is always noise. Relationships are not Things developed overnight. Especially the meaningful ones. How do you start your day? What works for you? Don’t be shy, share. We are all in this together. 💕

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There is no perfect way to parent. None.

Word of advice. Do the best you can raising your little ones. My upbringing was not as perfect as one would think. But the key word is perfect. We had great times as well. One thing is for sure, I remember the struggles I endured with my mother. I also remember her doing her best to feed us and make the most of anything. I remember when she had leg room to get us more than we asked for and she would always say yesShe did her best. I remember the good times and I remember the not so good times. But what stands out the most, and I may not have said it then as I do now because I am now a mother, I appreciate her best. Don’t compare your way of raising your children

with others. Don’t stop being you because of what you feel and think you need to do. Do you best. If you renig on a punishment, it’s ok if you back track, but know that it comes with consequences. If you don’t

make rice and meat with veggies for dinner, but rather a turkey cheese lettuce tomatoes on a roll for dinner, that’s ok too. If you want to stay up late on a school night to bond with your kids over Henry Danger (A nickelodean show by the way) so be it. But dammit, be you! You children will never ever forget what you did for them in your

honesty, and in your truth. You want  honest people in your life, RAISE THEM! You want respectful people in your life RAISE THEM! You want loving people RAISE THEM! The bottom line to all of my truth

right here, is that it’s my truth. There is no perfect way to parent. But when you make a decision that involves your children, know that they see it. Know that they will mimick it. We ARE A PRODUCT OF OUR

ENVIRONMENT. Parent around THAT! #mytruth #honesty #raisingboys

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Momming & Kickboxing

When you are woman that wears many hats like myself, (Daughter, mother, sister, friend, provider, blogger, writer, employee) you can overwhelm the crap out of yourself, if you don’t release, if you don’t have an outlet. You are snappy, (at the wrong people), constantly tired, out of breathe (especially being a New Yorker utilizing the MTA), you can’t run after your kids, they stay running faster than you, and you feel sluggish and Unmotivated. This was all me and then some. With all i had going on, i had to make a commitment to my commitment and that was ME. I can’t be the best me if I’m not taking care of my temple. I have a ways to go, but i don’t carry so much weight since then. I’m tracking my progress for the first time ever. It also took me a while to share this because i would start something and stop right after. But this time around, especially since i prepared my MIND first before i did the work, Its a constant, and I’m happy. I push myself even when i don’t want to do it, my energy level is higher, and my mentor says, MIRACLES HAPPEN IN MOVEMENTS. And i did double classes back to back tonight, so I’m totally in expectancy. Oh, and i can see past my belly now. 🙈




I do not own the rights to this song. .


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Tantrums Outside

Being a mom. Is not always glamorous. I share happy photos , positive thoughts, positive photos, and happy times, because that is the life i want and AM leading. But i / we do have our rough days. I do have my days when my 6 year old throws one of the most annoying tantrums on the planet, it makes me want to lose my shit. But i don’t. Well at least most recently. I have been practicing patience EVERYDAY, not mastered, but practicing. Practicing : the actual application or use of an idea or belief. I have been practicing consistent discipline with my 6 year old in a form of not backing down from him when it comes to thinking he can get away with not doing what he needs to do or getting upset over the tiniest things. These very things are done at home and at school. With that said, I’m standing my ground, I’m putting him on the wall at home. My form of timeout when his knees are bent and hands are out, and I’m making him aware of what it is needs to work on. Being a mother, a single mom, a parent is not easy. And it isn’t made for the weak. Stand your ground. They’ll thank you later. #tantrums #parenting #singlemom #discipline #firm #son #momofboys #singleparent #howisinglemomit

Be Hopeful

Raise your hand if you ever question what the heck is going on when a prayer is answered? 🙋🏾‍♀️i quickly stopped myself and thanked God. When you have gone through so much, when things happen, things you didn’t think possible manifest, you are in awe. So if you feel that it’s taking to long. Hold on a little while longer and continue to go in with your life with the notion that it will come at its right time. And most times it’s when we are on time with where we need to be in preparation to receive. #grateful #prayers #hopeful #encouraged #singlemom #iprayedforthis #alignment #Godstiming #howisinglemomit

Pencil you in.

Mom Tip for today: When creating your ‘To Do’s’. Schedule in some time for you. just as we have a time blocked out for work, home, kids, grocery shopping etc, you should have time blocked out for you? How about scheduling in a SPA day once a month. And if you’re checking your pockets, this is why we have GROUPON. Come on, us mommies need it often, heck anyone that works a ton in all areas of their life need it. I NEEDSSSS IT, and I PENCILED ME IN. How about you!? #spa #metime #mefirst #monthlymaintenance #pamper #notetoself #mom #author #momlife #mompreneur #howisinglemomit

When you learn a thing or 2 from your kid (Fossil Fuels)

A message brought to you by CT. ~> He was sharing why we should use solar panels with his uncle Noni. I wasn’t paying attention and he repeated himself. I kid you not, I learn a lot from this kid and the things he learns at school. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. (He says we have to take care of our earth) #fossilfuels #solarpanel #earthscience #elementary #mykid #proudmom #singlemom #motherhood #votd

Ego Check ✔️

Your ego can get in the way of a lot of meaningful relationships, and purposeful things in your life.

I say this, because it’s coming from me as a student. Being in this season, as I now call it, “constant correction”. I realized that I have allowed my EGO to get in the way of listening. Listening to what can help change me, help me grow as an individual and even forgiveness. While I have changed, control is a major part of who I am. I mean, I am my mother and my fathers daughter. We all get our ways from somewhere right? Through the years, I have allowed ego to slowly, fade. Yes, slowly. But as I have gained a new found eagerness to strengthen my relationship with God, I’ve noticed the mistakes and errors that I have made, of which has caused some failed relationships.

It wasn’t until recently that I have learned that wow just, do you even pay attention to yourself or the things that you say , and how you respond to things. And this is by no means, putting myself down, or backing down from who I truly am to appease others. Oh no no no. It is having and allowing the power within me,(God) to shine forth and be able to receive. Of course we have to have a discerning spirit. But we can’t always lead with Ego. Ego will close your ears to advice you need to hear. Ego, will make it where friendships will begin to fade because that person is no longer able to speak to you. Ego will make you come off as you are one person, when you are really another, but you ego gets in the way to allow your loving self to shine through. Why, because they know you will not HEAR. Ego will make it where people will call you “a know it all”, because your word is the only word true, and everything else is well…….SHITS. Ego, will ego will make you grow old, alone.

Ego, is Edging God Out.

So please, Ego check… #ego #personaldevelopment #constantcorrection #growth #hear #open #receive #message #blogoftheday#momblogger #author #writer #lover #mother #singlemom

Your children can sense your energy

Yesterday while running errands with my boys, we were all in a good mood. My oldest, who reminds me a lot like myself when I was his age CHECKED ME. (Respectfully)So we’re in the store and I noticed the look on his face. I said what’s the matter? He said, I was happy, and now I’m not, I’m mad because your upset. I said no I’m not. How? He said yes you are because you said the “D”(amn) word. I said; I did? (He replayed what I said and I was stuck) He was like Mom I was happy and your energy ruined mine. (My face)😮😐😮😳😳. I felt horrible after that and checked my energy… but the night didn’t end that positive (won’t insert long story)… I said this to say, we have to really be careful with our energy, our mood and how we project it. I was so caught in my own mess that I didn’t realize that it affected my boys like that. I felt horrible, and in speaking to a dear friend of mine this morning, she was like “yea Jasz, energy transfers and omg you are doing such a great job for him to be that young and aware”. I had grounded him for something after that, but she suggested that I give him another chance and I will. (This is why I am in constant correction, and this is why I tell my boys to communicate with me everyday, even if it’s something I won’t like. #energy #communication #emotion #parenting #motherhood #singlemom #vibes #myboy #howisinglemomit